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2ml screw hplc vials

1.5ml wide opening short screw-thread vial, clear 11.6*32mm USP 1

Fluid Bed Dryer Operation Replacement Energy Savin

SV bulk solid heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger using pillow plate to heat or cool bulk solid particle or powder. Technical features: 1.Dense phase conveying design: The speed and temperature of powder discharging is even and controllable, with stable and reliable quality. 2.Wall type heat exchange: Heat exchange medium exchanges heat with powder by high efficient pillow plate, no direct contact with powder. Product Advantages: 1.World leading laser welding pillow plate heat exchange technology: Pillow plate is laser welded by two plates all around and in the middle area full of weld flowers. After the forming process, the inner part of the heat exchange plate forms a pillow type cavity. Pillow design creates excellent turbulence and provides self supporting structure. In practical applications, the additional welding path is often added in the pillow heat exchange plate, in order to adjust and control the flow of fluid into and out of the heat exchange plate nozzle position, the fluid velocity and flow rate inside plate, so as to optimize the heat exchange effect. Technical advantages of pillow plate: 1)Excellent turbulence design, high heat exchange coefficient 2)High welding realiability 3)Small external surface resistance, not easy to product dirt 4)High temperature and high pressure resistance 5)Wide channel, low pressure drop, easy to clean 6)Flexible shape to maintain optimal heat exchange effect 2.Full closed operation with zero emission: In the process of using wall type heat exchange technology of SV bulk solid heat exchanger, there will be no direct air contact with bulk solid. So it fundamentally eliminates dust, fine particles and odor emissions, as well as prevent dust explosion effectively. 3.Saves energy up to 90%: Compared with the traditional heat transfer technology, the energy consumption of SV powder flow heat exchanger is decreased by more than 90% 4.Ensure superior product quality: The controllable low velocity when the powder passes through the heat exchanger can effectively prevent the wear and tear and decomposition of product. Also ensures the particle properties and crystal shape, so as to achieve the best product quality. 5.Even heat exchange effect: Based on dense conveying principle, powder in the heat exchanger flows evenly and in low speed, which ensures the even temperature of product discharging. Also the temperature of final product has good consistency. 6.Modular structure, easy to expand: The vertical structure of SV bulk solid is compact and modular. The processing amount could be adjusted by increasing or decreasing pillow plate quantity. It saves lots of installation space. 7.Compact structure, easy to install The wall type heat exchange and dense conveying designs means there is no need of high power consumpting equipment, such as electric motor, fan, dust catcher and emission control systems. Application: SV bulk solid heat exchanger is used in the process of on-line cooling and heating of solid particles, including chemical, fertilizer, polymer, mineral, sand and bulk crop, etc. SV bulk solid heat exchanger uses simple and easy to access medium to exchange heat. For example, cool water from cooling tower or water chilling unit for powder cooling; hot water, steam and heat conducting oil to heat powder. In most applications, energy could be recovered by SV heat exchanger, so enables users to obtain multiple benefits.

glass bead round vibrating screening machine

Round vibrating screening machine is fine and superfine powder or mircon granular screening equipment.

Poly Acrylic Acid PPA vibrating tumbler screen

PPA tumbler screen is a kind of special chemical screening equpment.

Jinan Winner 2005A wide testing range automatic we

Winner2005 is intelligent full automatic laser particle size analyzer. It enables you understand materials well, such as painting,dyes, minerals power, calcium carbonate, kaolin, waterslurry Photosensitive material,Medicine and Metal oxide etc. Our Reliable data enables scientists, researchers and engineers to evolve formulations and processes with confidence. Our products guide research and product development, manage and control manufacturing quality, and optimize output.

New organic fertilizer granulator

The fertilizer granulator products is ball shape, sphericity above 0.7, granule size from 0.3mm to 3mm, balling rate above 90%.

Fertilizer disc granulating machine

Disc granulator for sale 1)CE,BV,ISO Approved; 2)Production capacity: 1-5t/h; 3)Features:high granulating efficiency,long service life,easy to operate,etc.

Disc fertilizer granulator

Disc fertilizer granulator 1)CE,BV,ISO; 2)Production capacity:1-5t/h; 3)Raw material moisture can be 20-30%;

Disc granulator

Disc granulator 1)CE,BV,ISO Approved; 2)Capacity:2-3.5t/h; 3)Features:simple structure,high granulating efficiency,reliable performance,easy operation,and longer service life,etc.

Fertilizer polisher

The fertilizer polishing machine has features of good appearance, structure and simple working principle, reliable&safety working, small volume, convenient to operate, etc.

2014hot sale laser cutting machine

Specifications 1,600mm*400mm 2,CO2 glass lasers,60W 3,engrave,carve,cut 4,suit wood,card,artware,plastic





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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Thermoplastic road marking paint, used for thermoplastic Road Marking Machine in road lines construction, possesses the characteristics of fast drying, thick coating, long lifttime and excellent constancy reflecting, and now has a dominant position in our country's high-grade highway.

Two-component Road Marking Machine

small driving type two-component road marking machine, used for highway and urban area road line marking.

Hand-push Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

hand-push airless cold solvent road marking machines, mainly used for small scale road line marking such as the zebra crossing marking, stop line, sports line, special letters and arrow mark,etc.

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